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The Murata Machinery Turning Division supplies twin- and single-spindle automated turning centers that provide innovative technology, compact design, high productivity and flexible manufacturing alternatives with intelligent gantry-loader material handling.

By focusing exclusively on mid- to high-production work, the Murata Turning Division helps customers be more competitive and efficient. Maintaining high-quality standards in Muratec components and the assembly process also helps ensure years of reliability.


Product Lines


Today, Murata Machinery USA offers the latest in fabrication processing technology and reliability. Whether it’s their multipurpose series of Motorum turret punch presses, innovative fiber laser or dependable automation, their experience is built into every machine Murata builds on the tradition of innovative design, reliability, and productivity that began with the introduction of the first Wiedemann punch press in 1934.


22 Ton Machines

The Motorum series consists of punch press machines that have been designed to deliver high production speeds with energy efficient operation and reduced maintenance costs.


27.5 Ton Machines

By integrating bending, forming, tapping, and other post processes, these machines will enable you to maximize productivity, while minimizing setup and programming time.


33 Ton Machines

Designed to improve stability at maximum speeds, Muratec 33-ton machines are the ultimate solution for those seeking to maximize efficiency and productivity with an innovative solution.


50 Ton Machines

With a large capacity turret and guaranteed reliability, count on the Magnum series to perform heavyweight punching and forming operations with more precision and rigidity than ever before.



With over 60 years of experience in industrial automation, Muratec has become an industry leader in developing efficient and user-friendly solutions.


Fiber Lasers

These machines are equipped with advanced technology to maximize cut, quality, reliability, and productivity. Each of these machines have been engineered to deliver high speeds and high precision at a lower operating costs.

Turning Machines

Murata Machinery USA features a diverse lineup of machines to meet your specific production needs: twin spindle, live tool, single spindle, opposed spindle, and specialty turning machines. All of their turning machines are built with the reliability you expect from Muratec, and the quality you deserve.


Single Spindle Machines

Designed for high-volume production, the Muratec MS series features single spindle CNC turning centers that can increase productivity while decreasing the overall cost of labor.


Twin Spindle Machines

These self-contained machines are compact and give operators the flexibility they need to perform two identical operations with guaranteed precision.


Live Tool Machines

These machines can perform both low- and high-volume tooling capabilities, combining multiple operations into a single machine.


Twin Opposing Spindle Machines

Designed for complex part needs, the MT Series is ultra-versatile and increases productivity while reducing idle time.


Specialty Machines

The turning machines in the ML Series are specifically designed to turn longer shaft parts. All machines in the MJ Series are highly versatile, with automation solutions to meet any unique specification.






Muratec MW120 Twin Spindle CNC Turning Machine

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