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At LNS, satisfying customers means more than delivering a quality product. It means ensuring that all LNS equipment operates flawlessly when matched to the appropriate machine tool. It also means that installation of both the machine tool and its LNS accessories will be seamless, and that the LNS equipment will enhance the machine tool’s ability to deliver optimum performance. To achieve these goals, LNS works closely with the leading machine tool OEMs, their distributors and systems integrators to understand the constantly changing challenges they and their customers face. In this way, LNS pioneers new technologies, product refinements and support systems that pay off in improved productivity and profitability for all.


Product Lines

Coolant Systems

Through many years of experience, LNS has become experts in the design and delivery of coolant systems to meet the needs of today’s modern machine tools.

Air Filtration Systems

In today’s machine shops and manufacturing facilities, by eliminating oil/coolant mist and smoke you’ll ensure a clean, safe work environment while reducing absenteeism and HVAC costs.

Work Holding Systems

Unloading Systems

Blaze Air

Ideal for bar feeding applications using twin spindle or sub-spindle machines with thru-hole, the LNS Blaze Air Unloader automatically removes parts through the back of the secondary spindle after both ends have been machined. This continuous, automatic unloading of parts substantially increases production efficiency while enhancing operator safety.





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