SCCY Firearms Loves DN Solutions

Jul 20, 2021

SCCY Firearms is a big fan of DN Solutions. The DVG1 handgun is made at their plant in Florida using the DN Solutions NHP 4000, DN Solutions TT1800 and DN Solutions DNM 4000.

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SCCY Firearms is also featured the latest episode of Athlon Outdoors’ Sweat, Lead & Steel.

“In this Sweat, Lead & Steel, we spotlight SCCY Firearms, the brand known for its low cost, highly-vibrant spectrum of multi-colored compact pistols. After discovering what he deemed to be a significant gap in the firearms marketplace for cost-effective, high quality carry guns, Founder and CEO, Joe Roebuck, set out to determine if his production savvy and skill at manufacturing high-volume, quality products could satisfy the massive need, noting, ‘My mission is to make an affordable gun and put it in everybody’s pocket. By far, this gun project has tested my skills.'”

Watch the episode here.