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Josh Butz Receives Best in Sales Award


Josh Butz (Center )

APT Machine Tools (Sanford, FL)

Recipient of Doosan’s Best in Sales Award for May 2019


Rundown and fun facts

  • Josh was a northerner, but he moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Florida after a brutal winter. He’s been with APT for nearly 8 years.
  • He sold 4 Doosan machines in the month: 1 PUMA TT1800SY, 1 PUMA 2600SY II and 2 Lynx 2100LSYB.

  • He is a 3rd generation machine tool lifer. His grandfather was CFO of the first Mazak dealer in the country.

  • His passion for the industry happened when he realized everything around him that he once took for granted (cars, construction equipment, aircraft) was actually thoughtfully and skillfully made.


Josh’s 4 Doosan Machines

Florida is obviously central to defense and armament production, and all four of Josh’s Doosan machines went to a defense customer that also handles traditional job shop work. The shop has 75 or so machines on the floor, and of the models where Doosan competes, it comprises roughly half of the spindles.

They were an existing Doosan customer years ago, but there was damage control to be done because of the previous dealer. It took lots of work and lots of time to show them that APT was there for them and wanted to help them grow. But today, the customer trusts Josh, APT and Doosan completely.

In the past, the customer has been a PUMA shop that was hesitant to go with the Lynx because of the lower price point. Josh simply told them there are jobs the Lynx should not get, but it’ll crush the jobs it was made for. They took the advice and welcomed two new Lynx 2100LSYB machines.


His Typical Work Week

Kevin McCarthy, president at APT, has hammered home the importance of relationship building to his team. The company hosts annual events at an Orlando Magic game and the Daytona 500 so they can get away from the office and just do life with their customers. Josh has taken that direction and run with it, taking customers out on fishing boats, bringing a ton of pizza to machine delivery days and taking as many people out to lunch as he possibly can.

When asked what his favorite part of the job is, he answered quickly. It does not feel like a job to him. He comes from the applications side of things, so he typically has all the answers to someone’s questions during the quoting phase. This builds trust and wins business. The light bulb moment Josh lives for is when someone realizes that he’s not a used car salesman. This interaction is not a battle, but a collaborative exercise. Once that realization sinks in, the job gets fun and stays fun.