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WTO designs and produces technological and top-quality precision toolholders and tooling systems for turning centers, Swiss Type lathes, multi spindle turning centers and Ultra-High Speed Spindles.

WTO’s technological and qualitative superior products are known for achieving higher productivity and long tool life.

WTO’s precision toolholders are in use worldwide in the metal cutting industry where high precision parts are manufactured with efficiency.

Live Tooling

Static Precision Toolholders

WTO offers for CNC Turning Centers a suitable comprehensive program of static and precision toolholders.

WTO’s static toolholders are individually designed for each turning center and manufactured with the highest precision so that you are able to use the full capacity of your machine.

QuickFlex® Quick Change System

The perfect combination: ER collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder.

A change system which offers unique advantages:
Minimal investment by simply clamping the cutting tool directly in the QuickFlex® toolholder using a standard ER collet and maximal expandability by adding the quick change function for reducing tool change time using QuickFlex® adapters.

Coromant Capto®

Coromant Capto® is a modular quick change system certified according to ISO 26623 for turning centers. It combines highest stability and rigidity while at the same time offering the highest flexibility in one system.

The worldwide available and most comprehensive quick change system for turning centers is offered for turning, drilling and milling operations.

Faster return on investment.

Multiple Toolholders

Static and driven multiple toolholders to multiply the available tools on turning centers with Y axis.

The enhancement of available cutting tools allows the production of more complex and a more comprehensive range of work pieces on a turning center without changing the machine set-up.

Broaching Unit for CNC Turning Centers

The driven broaching unit for economic manufacturing of oriented keyways and splines with up to 1.000 strokes per minute.

This investment pays.

Gear Hobbing Unit

High productive manufacturing of Gears with CNC turning centers.

The Gear Hobbing unit offers high stiffness and runout accuracy. High flexibility due to interchangeable milling arbors for different cutting tools.

Power Skiving Unit

A new dimension of high productive gear machining: Skiving of ID and OD gears and splines on CNC Turning Centers with the innovative Power Skiving unit from WTO.

The WTO Power Skiving unit offers high stiffness and runout accuracy. The hydro chuck spindle enables an accurate and quick cutting tool change.

Precision Toolholders for Multiple Spindle Turning Centers

Modular and monoblock precision toolholders for higher productivity. Individually designed for each multiple spindle turning center.