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Demand on production for small parts around the world is continuously increasing. Higher expectations and more pressure are put on the producers of these parts. This is where WhizCut comes in.

Cutting Tools

External Turning

All WhizCut standard Inserts have sharp, fully ground cutting edges. The standard inserts are available in a 2, 6, 8, 12, 16 or 20° positive cutting rake to enable the best performance for every operation. The combination of a fully ground cutting edge and a high positive cutting rake makes the WhizCut inserts useful for most types of material and applications. All inserts are developed for maximum stability and performance, along with a very high level of chip control.

The WhizCut carbide grade allows the insert to have a very sharp but still strong edge. This also makes the inserts suitable for materials which are difficult to machine such as Titanium, stainless steel and Super Alloys.

The combination of the best grades of carbide, the most suitable geometries and very sharp cutting edges ensures the best tooling possible for Swiss type automatic / sliding head lathes.
WhizCut regularly develops special solution tooling for individual customers. Please contact a WhizCut distributor for a quote.

Internal Turning

WhizIn, a revolutionizing patented product developed by WhizCut, is designed to improve productivity of internal applications. It has been specially developed for small diameters in internal turning applications and is unlike anything else on the market.

The WhizIn tool holder for boring bars has the carbide boring bar mounted at an angle to achieve the maximum stability for a set diameter. By grinding away less from the base of the boring bar, the boring bar becomes more stable. Other benefits are less grinding time and grinding stress and that the coolant may go through the tool holder and spray directly on to the insert cutting zone.

The WhizIn program includes a wide range of tool holders and boring bars for internal turning, grooving, threading, back turning and face grooving etc. The inserts are fully ground and made of micro grain carbide.


Have the cutting edge your way. WhizGroove inserts have four precision ground cutting edges and they come in four different shapes: sharp cutting edges and corners, corner radiuses, full radius and slightly honed cutting edges. It is a great combo of precision, stability and low cost per cutting edge.

Thread Turning

WhizCut has been looking for a long time to improve the industry standard lay down thread turning inserts with three cutting edges. As specialists of small part machining we have developed a stand up insert. This enables us to design a threading insert with four cutting edges with increased performance. We have developed the threading inserts in geometries mostly common in Swiss type automatic lathes and use a carbide grade which has shown great performance in these sizes. 

Parting Off

WhizCut has re-invented the parting off insert for the future. WhizTwin is a bold new insert that helps reduce waste material and has a cutting edge stability.

The patent pending design of WhizTwin generates a cutting edge stronger than any other and a stability not seen before. The strength and increased stability of the cutting edge is maximised with two cutting edges at the front. This lets the toolholder be clamped in a more stable position with a smaller overhang from the toolholder plate – reducing instability and vibrations which are the main chal-lenges when parting off.

Less material waste, less costs. WhizTwin is forceful, stable and overall brilliant. The narrow insert allows you to lower your production cost as you save material using it. Removing less bar material is great for you and also for the environ-ment. It’s a win win – with WhizTwin.

Thread Milling

The WhizThrill deburring solid carbide thread mills take thread milling to the next level. Users of thread taps and thread mills have for years been battling problems of getting burrs when threading holes. A WhizThrill together with the WhizCut software solves this in one single move giving a perfect result.

Micro Drilling

The best tool for the job is always the tool that is specially made for the job. In our experience of micro machining we have found that it in most cases it is always best to offer specially made tool, to the perfect geometry, for the job. The problems not being able to do this previously was that the special production was very expensive, so it did not turn out profitable for the user. Today we have improved our machining capabilities. This has resulted in us being able to deliver the perfect drill tool with superb quality and tool life to a good price starting at already 20 pcs. The shank sizes in stock is 1,00 mm 1,50 mm 2,00 mm 2,50 mm 3,00 mm d1/8’ 4.00 mm.
In addition to improved production methods we have found a very suitable wear resistant sub micrograin carbide.

With WhizDrill we have put together a range of micro drills that start at 0,1 mm and go up to 3 mm. These can be ordered to any geometry. If there is a special need for another grade of carbide, or coolant through that is also available. Contact your WhizCut representative for a quote.

Tool Holding

External Turning

Many parts that previously were made in cam type machines and traditional CNC machines are now produced in Swiss / Sliding head automatic lathes. Machining in these machines is different from machining in traditional machines and the great advantages of using Swiss turning can only be obtained with the right tooling. All WhizCut inserts are specially developed for these machines and today WhizCut has the widest range of inserts specially developed for Swiss / Sliding head automatic lathes.

Only two types of tool holders are needed to make use of the entire range of inserts. For maximum efficiency of insert tooling, WhizCut has developed the WhizFix tool holder system.

Internal Turning

As the boring bar is mounted in a 2° angle in the toolholder, a natural incline angle is achieved which is perfect for high pressure coolant.

  • Coolant through
  • Double screws for security and stability
  • Special tool holder designs for Swiss type automatic lathes
  • The toolholder and boring bar has a self locating system. When clamping within 30° the boring bar rotates itself into a correct position.

Adjustable Holders

Take back working to a new level with WhizAdjust and enjoy the flexibility. This is an innovative and patented toolholder system that is perfect for turning against the sub spindle. The height adjustment goes quick and easy – without loss of stability.

Tool Holding with High Precision

WhizHold is a wide range of tool and work holding products specially developed for swiss type lathes. With WhizHold and WhizCut’s other range of products you can fully setup a swiss lathe with precision tools – giving the machine the best possible resources to turn tight tolerance products.


Workholding with High Precision

WhizHold is a wide range of tool and work holding products specially developed for swiss type lathes. With WhizHold and WhizCut’s other range of products you can fully setup a swiss lathe with precision tools – giving the machine the best possible resources to turn tight tolerance products.


Coolant Connections

Swiss type automatic lathes running high pressure coolant systems with coolant through tool holder are getting more common. One of the challenges has been to use a distribution system which can withhold the high pressure wanted and at the same time also be flexible for setup changes or changing tool-holders.

The WhizHip distribution system is exactly this. It is developed so the user has a quick change connector and a flexible metal braided hosing. The metal braided hosing withstands the heat from hot chips shooting at the material and the system is developed to be used for up to 300 Bar (4351 PSI).