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Known for precision and craftsmanship, Techniks offers an extensive line of high-quality tool holding products that are designed and manufactured to deliver enhanced productivity and superior results. Techniks Certified Tooling means the critical features of each holder has been individually lab tested, measured and inspected for quality. Depending on the holder this can include: balance, dimensional accuracy, collet pocket runout (T.I.R.), bore I.D. and taper accuracy. Techniks Certified guarantees your holder will meet or beat our published specifications.

Tool Holding

Collet Chucks

  • CAT Collet Chucks
  • BT Collet Chucks
  • HSK Collet Chucks
  • Straight Shank

Collets & Nuts

  • Collet Nuts
  • ER Collets
  • Other Collets

End Mill Holders

  • CAT End Mill Holders
  • BT End Mill Holders
  • Other End Mill Holders

Shrinkfit Holders

  • CAT 40 Shrinkfit Holders
  • CAT 50 Shrinkfit Holders
  • BT Shrinkfit Holders
  • HSK Shrinkfit Holders
  • Other Shrinkfit Holders

Boring Tools

  • Modular Boring Tools
  • Boring Tool Holders
  • Boring Kits
  • Boring Bars

Hydraulic Holders

  • BT 30/40 Hydro Holders
  • CAT 40 Hydro Holders
  • CAT 40 Hydro Holders – Extended
  • Cat 50 Hydro Holders
  • HSK 63A/F Hydro Holders
  • HSK 100A Hydro Holders
  • Hydro Reduction Sleeves

Tapping Tools

  • Synch-Tapping Tools
  • Tension/Compression Taping
  • Rigid Tapping Tools

Face Mill Arbors

  • BT Face Mill Arbors
  • CAT 40 Face Mill Arbors
  • CAT 50 Face Mill Arbors
  • HSK Face Mill Arbors
  • DualDRIVE Face Mill Arbors
  • ISO 30 Arbor Toolholders
  • R8 Face Mill Arbors
  • Face Mill Arbor Screws

Milling Chucks

  • CAT Milling Chucks
  • CAT Milling Chucks – Dual-Contact
  • BT Milling Chucks
  • HSK Milling Chucks
  • Reduction Sleeves for Milling Chucks

Capto-Compatible Holders

  • Capto-Compatible* ER Chucks
  • Capto-Compatible* End Mill Holders
  • Capto-Compatible* ShrinkFIT Holders
  • Capto-Compatible* SlimFIT Holders
  • Capto-Compatible* Face Mill Arbors
  • Capto-Compatible* C6 Turning Tools

Morse Taper Holders

  • CAT Morse Taper Tool Holders
  • BT Morse Taper Tool Holders


Magnetic Workholding

  • Magnetic Chucks
  • Grinding Chucks
  • Magnetic Vises