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Precision metalworking accessories for over 70 years.

Royal Products’ broad product line consists of hundreds of high-performance tooling and workholding products that are easy to install, reasonably priced, and built rock-solid to handle the toughest jobs their customers can throw at them.


Product Line

Metalworking Accessories


Filtermist Mist Collectors

Low cost, highly efficient mist and smoke collectors designed specifically for the metalworking industry.


CNC Collet Chucks

Royal CNC Collet Chucks provide a simple, low-cost method for utilizing collets on all CNC lathes and turning centers.


Royal CNC Expanding Mandrels

Royal’s line of CNC Expanding Mandrels offers an off-the-shelf ID workholding system to fit a wide range of applications.


Royal Rota-Rack™ Parts Accumulator

The patented Royal Rota-Rack is a lean, cost-effective device that safely collects finished parts as they come off of a CNC lathe, providing a competitive advantage to manfuacturers by enabling their machine tools to run unattended for extended periods of time.


Royal Live Centers

Each Royal live center is a finely crafted tool, incorporating the highest quality steels, bearings, and seals. Manufactured to exacting tolerances, most Royal live centers are guaranteed accurate to +/- 0.00005″ TIR or better.


CNC Bar Pullers

Royal CNC bar pullers can be used to easily automate any CNC lathe or turning center. Bar pullers improve productivity by enabling CNC lathes to run unattended, freeing up operators to handle other tasks.


Collet Fixtures

Royal Products offers two types of Collet Fixtures for use on rotary tables, indexers, and stationary applications such as tombstones.


Collet Closures

Collet closers improve productivity by handling many turning jobs faster and more accurately than standard three-jaw lathe chucks.


Royal Collets

Royal Products offers a range of collets for a variety of turning and milling applications.


Royal Deburring Tools

Royal stocks hundreds of deburring tools for virtually every application, including: ID’s, OD’s, straight edges, keyways, etc.


Royal Dead Centers

Royal dead centers are typically used in both grinding and high-precision turning applications. All Royal dead centers are made from high-grade alloy steels and are hardened for strength and durability.


Royal Machine Mounts

Royal machine mounts simplify machine installation, reduce noise, and isolate vibration. They are great for all types of machinery, including lathes, mills, grinders, presses, and injection molding machines.


Royal R8 Quick-Change Tool System

The Royal Easychange R8 Quick-Change Tool System provides a fast method for changing tools on any Bridgerport-style milling machine.


Royal Chuck Stops

The Royal Chuck Stop provides a simple, consistent method for locating short parts in a three-jaw lathe chuck.


PneuVac Coolant Sump Cleaners

Clean your machine tool coolant sumps in less than 2 minutes.


Air Cleaning Guns

Royal PneuVac Air Guns make shop cleanup tasks a breeze. The unique design of this tool enables it to act as both a blow gun and a vacuum.


Royal Sensitive Drill Feeds

The Royal sensitive drill feed provides fingertip control when drilling very small holes on a drill press or milling machine.


Albrecht Drill Chucks

Founded in 1908 with a patent on the industry’s very first keyless drill chuck, Albrecht has continued a tradition of unmatched quality and innovation.





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