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Pioneer has been in the metal cutting industry since 1973, contributing to the progress of the industry through the development and supply of the best quality products both in premier and standard product groups.  Some of the products that Premiere either manufactures or source from outside have supported the most sophisticated products out from Japan known for their unsurpassed edge in technology.


Product Line

Metalworking Accessories


Rotary Tables

All Pioneer rotary tables are provided with an actual inspection certificate from the factory so you know your table has guaranteed quality.


Air and Diaphragm Chucks

Based on years of experience and know-how, Pioneer offers air chucks which have the highest accuracy and performance in the market.


Rotary Wiper

Rotary wipers make it possible to view the production/machining process clearly within the machine enclosure.


EZ Shrink

The pre-programmed and user adjustable EZ Shrink is simple and effective.


Jet-Blast Coolant Ports

Coolant ports channel coolant or air around solid shank cutters.


Tool Holders

Pioneer offers the finest quality tool holders with many options providing an accuracy of 3 Microns or better.


Tool Block

8 locking positions (45° apart) with auto-lock provides the easiest and safest way of  changing cutters and retention knobs, and is interchangeable with heads from competitive systems.





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