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Parlec has over 50 years of experience in Toolholding innovation and has developed products and services which have become well known and recognized throughout the CNC industry. Parlec is a worldwide leader in manufacturing Toolholding and Presetting Solutions.


Product Line


Parlec provides a wide range of of machine tooling accessories, including toolholding chucks, boring and tapping tools and more, which provide unmatched repeatable precision.


Tool Holding

Parlec features a diverse product range of traditional toolholding solutions, including: ER Collet Chucks, Shrink Fit Holders, Power Milling Chucks, Shell Mill Holders Single-Angle Collet Systems, Double-Angle Collet Systems, and Weldon End Mill Holders. Products are manufactured to maintain precision, functionality and durability for traditional and high-speed operation.

ERos® Collet Chucks:

  • Concentricity to 3 microns at 3X diameter
  • Affordable precision machining investment
  • Simplicity without the requirement of assembly machines
  • Versatility, suitable for drilling, milling, reaming and grinding
  • High speed capability to over 30,000 rpm

Shrinkfit Holders:

  • Concentricity to 3 microns at 3X diameter
  • High speed capability to over 30,000 rpm
  • Low centrifugal force due to low holder mass
  • DIN design for market compatibility
  • Precision machining
  • Constructed of double tempered tool steel for exceptional durability


Angle Heads

The Evolution line of Parlec by Gerardi angle head has been designed from a technical base derived from 40 years experience of solving thousands of production problems, finding optimum solutions and always guaranteeing the highest product quality. Over 30 standard angle head types are now offered, designed, built by Gerardi S.p.A., and available with a range of options to complete application and performance potentials.

  • 90 Degree and 180 degree adjustable
  • Automatic tool change
  • Manual heads
  • Double output spindles available
  • Heavy duty steel bodies or lightweight aluminum
  • Modular design for easy application retool


Boring Tools

Parlec provides a full range of of boring capabilities, modular design, and unmatched repeatable precision.

  • 90° and 180° adjustable
  • Automatic tool change
  • Manual mounted heads
  • Single and double output
  • Heavy duty steel & lightweight aluminum bodies
  • Modular design for easy application retool


Tapping Tools

Parlec offers the largest range of tapping capabilities available. Rigid, Tension Only, and Tension and Compression Systems are standard, along
with Coolant or Coolant Groove Adapters.

  • Heads for Synchronous and traditional tapping cycles
  • Numertap® 770 system for best durability and range
  • Tradition Bilz type
  • Extended reach adapters
  • Coolant and coolant groove
  • Collet and Universal Drive adapters
  • ANSI, DIN, JIS and ISO shank tap shanks





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