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MD Tooling

As the exclusive U.S. supplier for Italian tool manufacturer M.T. Marchetti, MD Tooling is able to deliver an extensive line of standard live tooling as well as innovative specialty tool holders such as 0-90 and 0-180 adjustable angle tool holders, gear hobbers, slotting tools and even worm gear generators. MD Tooling helps keep you up and running with a large inventory of innovative M. T. Marchetti designed, manufactured driven and static tools

Live Tooling

Tool Holders

MD Tooling maintains the largest selection of live tools with over 3,000 tools to choose from. Each year hundreds of new tool holders, new designs, and new sizes are added. They offer a large range of live and static tool holders for most major machine tool manufacturers.

Broaching Tools

With an increased gear ratio and more power, it’s possible to machine a multitude of hard material types on a machining center. The newly designed broaching tool also allows you to make larger keys and brings more value due to its compact size and rigid attributes.

The MD Tooling power broach tool allows you to machine keys with widths up to 12mm, make special spline profiles, and doesn’t require a Y axis in the machine. Broaching on a lathe has never been better or easier!

Steady Rest

MD Tooling’s Sliding Driven Steady Rest is a useful accessory for the machining of long parts on CNC lathes provided with lower and upper turrets. The steady rest is activated by the turret via driven tooling power and developed to overcome interference issues on some machines and to work with the sub-spindle. The MD Tooling sliding steady rest is also equipped with wireless safety devices to control the “parking” position and the complete steady rest opening. The wireless positioning sensors are self-fed by an internal battery with a 5-year or a million cycle life.

There is no need for piping or rotating cables thanks to the self-contained hydraulic system and clamping pressure is regulated by means of a dedicated valve.

Gear Hobbers

MD Tooling’s driven gear hobbers can perform the machining of gears directly on the turret lathe, reducing setup time of two different machines.