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Genevieve Swiss Industries, Inc. provides unique high precision Tools & Accessories that advance small parts manufacturing & Swiss Type Machining. They strive to deliver products that live up to their customer’s reasonable expectations with reliable service and proven solutions for critical small parts manufacturing needs.

For any Swiss Type Machine—Star, Citizen, Hanwha, Tsugami, Tornos, Nexturn or Maier—Genevieve Swiss can equip your machines for today’s new and more demanding manufacturing requirements and help achieve greater productivity.

Cutting Tools

Turning Tools

  • UTILIS Multidec-CUT 3000 Series Swiss Cutting Tools
  • UTILIS Multidec-CUT 1600 Series Micro Cutting Tools
  • UTILIS Multidec-TOP Series Performance Cutting Tools
  • UTILIS Multidec-ISO Series Swiss Cutting Tools

Sawing Tools

  • Ti-Loc® SwissClamp Saw Arbors and Milling Extensions
  • Solid Carbide Slitting Saws
  • High Precision Saw Arbors for Swiss Machines

Whirling Tools

  • High Performance Thread Whirling Rings

  • Thread Whirling Attachments for Swiss Machines

  • High Performance Thread Whirling inserts by UTILIS

ID Machining

  • GenSwiss Drill Sleeves
  • multidec Thread Mills For ID Thread Making
  • Precision Gun Drills
  • Louis Belet® Premium Swiss Cutting Tools
  • Floating Reamer Holder for Micro Reamers
  • Carbide Micro-Reamers
  • Micro Drills: Precision HiCo8 HSS and Solid Carbide
  • Micro Drills
  • GenCut™ Solid Carbide Insertable Spot Drills
  • GenBore-mini: Small ID Tool Holding Solution

Tool Holding

Turning Tools

  • Multidec-LUBE Coolant-Thru Tool Holder Clamps / Wedges
  • UTILIS Multidec Back Tool Holders
  • HSK & PSC Type Holders

Boring Tools

  • UTILIS Multidec Micro-Bore Tools
  • UTILIS Multidec Micro-Bore Holders
  • GenBore-mini: Small ID Tool Holding Solution
  • Quick Change Boring Holders
  • HSK & PSC Type Holders

Broaching Tools

  • Rotary Broach Tools – HiCo8 & Nominal Hex Sizes
  • The ORIGINAL Swiss-Type Rotary Broach Holder
  • Static Punch Broach Holders for Swiss, Lathes and
  • Milling Centers
  • Micro Rotary Broach Holder and Tools
  • Heavy Duty Rotary Broach Holders

Knurling Tools

  • Straddle Knurling Tool for Small Parts
  • Compact Bump Style Knurl Holders
  • Heavy Duty Axial Feeding Knurl Holders
  • Convex and Standard Performance Knurl Dies

Various Tool Holding

  • Ti-Loc® SwissClamp: Micro End Mill Extensions
  • ER Collets
  • Floating Tap Collets from PCM of Switzerland
  • Signature Series Single Ended ER Collet Sleeves / Holders
  • Signature Series Double Ended Collet Sleeves
  • Coolant-Thru ER Collet Sleeves
  • EzR Swiss Clamp System for ER Collet Holders
  • Quick-Change Collet Sleeves
  • Quick-Change ER Collet Bore Adaptors
  • Quick-Change ER Collet Adaptors