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Fein are, especially for the professional metal worker, the most reliable partner by thinking user-centered, acting result-oriented, connecting humans, machines and processes to first-class power tool systems. Fein helps their customers to achieve high quality work and increased productivity.

Hand Tools

Drilling & Screwdriving

At FEIN, you always find the right power tool for your specific application for drilling and driving in metal and wood: from the all-around talent to the special tool. Whether you complete tasks every day or only once a week, you always work cost-effectively.

  • Drill/Drivers
  • Impact Wrenches/Drivers
  • Tappers
  • Tek Screwdrivers
  • Hammer Drills
  • Hand Drills

Magnetic Base Drilling

More precise, more cost-efficient and faster than ever before: FEIN Magnetic Base Drills deliver the best drilling results in the shortest amount of time. Core drilling like never before. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Mobile
  • Endurance
  • Compact
  • Universal
  • Automatic


One system of tool and accessories, 1,000 options: sawing, sanding, polishing, dividing, filing, scraping, cutting, cleaning.

  • Cordless MultiTalent
  • MultiMaster Cordless
  • SuperCut Cordless

Grinding & Polishing

Precise and economical results, thanks to the wide range of tools. FEIN offers grinders and polishers in all performance classes from 350 to 3,700 Watts, and angle grinders from 4-1/2 to 9 in. [115 to 230 mm] diameter. Whether it’s an easy or a difficult job, select the right tool for the application to achieve the perfect result, safely and comfortably.

Cutting, Sawing, Beveling & Milling

Corrugated sheets, trapezoidal sheets, steel plates, profiles or tubes – with FEIN, you always have the right cutting method at hand. From agile nibblers for precise cuts, to curve-compatible shears, to bevelers that create perfect chamfers, edges and radii. Designed for precision cuts with minimal dust, our metal cutting saws are fast and safe. Powerful FEIN hacksaws cut pipes and profiles even under dangerous conditions and FEIN milling saws with explosion protection ensure safe and efficient cutting of large pipes with diameters of up to 10 [3] ft[m]

Wet/Dry Dust Extraction

For clean results and healthy working conditions. Powerful, reliable and mobile – FEIN vacuums ensure effective dust extraction in the shop and on-site. Compact, Auto-Clean and HEPA models with a wide range of filters and accessories.