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5th Axis

5th Axis was founded in 2004 as a CNC job shop with just one machine. Fifteen years later, we have expanded to over fifty 3-, 4-, and 5- axis machines manufacturing many different parts on a daily basis.

Surviving the unique hurdles of the machining industry is no small task; since 2004 we have evolved into a robust shop that can withstand complex and ever-evolving manufacturing challenges.


Workholding Evolved

  • RockLock
  • Double Station Vises
  • Self-Centering Vises
  • Dovetail Fixtures
  • Top Tooling
  • Alignment Pallets
  • Dovetail Cutters
  • Jaw
  • Multi-Fixture Mounts
  • Accessories
  • Round Bar Fixtures
  • Automation